Facebook Celebrates 9th Birthday Today

Over the last decade to decade-and-a-half, we have certainly seen our fair share of social-networking sites enter the market. In fact, most of the younger folks likely have old social media accounts that they do not even remember the link to let alone the username, password or email they used to login to that network several years ago. Then, things all changed starting in 2004 when Facebook first entered the social-networking world. Rather than having a stand-alone profile, users now had a profile and a news feed. They had opportunities to interact with their ‘friends’ in ways we had never seen before.

When Facebook was first released, however, it was not for everyone. Mark Zuckerberg and his friends from Harvard originally designed this social media platform to be used solely by college students. You were required to have an email that was traceable to a university. Then, things transitioned to where any student could register as long as they had some type of educational-based email address.

A short while later, Facebook was made available to anyone of any age living in any country. Of course, Facebook still did not jump right to the top in popularity as we saw the typical hesitation to dump the old social-media network and head over to Facebook. Some people used Facebook as an alternative source to the program they were currently using and others waited three or four years into Facebook’s existence to even create an account.

Finally, Facebook hit the big time. Practically everyone was signing up for an account- some of whom use the program on a daily basis while others simply created an account to say they had one or for the opportunity to possibly find a long-lost friend or a distant relative they had not spoken with in several years.

Today, Facebook has over one billion users. People from all around the world use the social-networking program to do everything from catching up with old friends to challenging their current friends to numerous games on the site. One could argue that Facebook has been the most successful social-networking program we have ever seen, and it may be the only profile-based network to ever be this successful.

It sure is hard to believe that Facebook has been around for nine years already, and we hope that the social networking tool will be around for many years to come.


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