Is Katie Holmes Quitting Acting To Go To Law School?



Scientology refugee Katie Holmes is reportedly packing up all of her smartest blazers and all of Suri‘s tiniest heels to ready herself for an unexpected career change: from acting to lawyering. I guess she was impressed with what her divorce lawyers did for her!

“Katie started acting when she was a teenager, and she’s grown tired of that world,” a source told the NE.  ”She expressed a keen in­terest in law while splitting from Tom Cruise, and now that the divorce is finalized, she has the time, the money and the opportunity to go to school. More importantly, she wants to be a strong female role model for her daughter Suri.”

Bish, please. Suri is no more going to be a lawyer than Harper Seven Beckham is going to be a garbage woman. But is it weird that I don’t entirely disbelieve this? I mean, Katie Holmes:

-already dresses like a lawyer

-is doing “poorly” in showbiz

-has witnessed firsthand that lawyers can use their powers for good.

Additionally, Katie’s dad is a lawyer who specializes in divorce law, and she was apparently considering a career in law before she got cast on Dawson’s Creek. According to the NE, she was accepted to Columbia University as an undergrad pre-fame, which means she almost definitely did well in school. And really, acting is not that different from presenting a case; in both cases, you need to make a story stick in people’s minds (and maybe lie a little).

In the end, this is probably just a rumor, as Katie actually has quite a few projects coming up. But how cool would it be to see her kicking ass and taking names as she helped other women get out of their bad marriages? It would be a nice way to pay it forward after a team of helpful lawyers rescued her and Suri from Tom Cruise’s alien brainwashing compound. Karma points, etc.



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